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About Smitten Singles

Smitten Singles is a resource that will assist singles in finding happiness and love in the real world.  Smitten Singles will provide tools and resources that may be applied in the real world to help singles find love.  We will begin by hosting a series of events, to help singles expand their social circles and meet new people.  Additional resources will be added throughout 2022 and beyond.

At the Smitten Project we believe that healthy relationships are critical to happiness.  As technology has entered our lives, it has become easier to connect with people in a virtual environment – so easy that sometimes we lose sight of how to create and manage relationships in the real world.  The Smitten Project has designed a program to help you make and maintain real relationships with yourself and those you love.

Over the coming months we will be launching two platforms.  Smitten Singles will launch first, followed by Forever Smitten in Fall 2022. Forever Smitten is a tool for those in committed relationships to maintain lasting love.   We can’t share too much right now, but we are excited to bring these platforms to life.

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