Event Submission

Instructions and Links

This page is a resource for Smitten Singles event organizers.  If you have reached this page in error, please contact info@thesmittenproject.com.

Instructions:  Fill out the event submission form to the best of your knowledge.  Submissions will need to be approved by an admin prior to posting.

Organizer:  Please use Smitten Singles – Omaha, Smitten Singles – Des Moines, Smitten Singles – Lincoln, or just Smitten Singles for virtual events or events at other locations.

Category: Be sure to select Omaha, Des Moines, Lincoln or Virtual.  This is used to populate event calendars. 

Tags: Smitten Singles uses event tags to determine which members are available to register for events.  Please ensure that you are tagging your events appropriately.

  • Geography: Des Moines, Lincoln, Omaha, Virtual –  You may add other geographic tags but to be listed on the specific membership pages and limit access to specific members these tags must be used.
  • Month: Please tag the month that the event occurs.  This is used in automation related to event visibility.
  • Drip: Use this tag if the event has limited availability based on membership type (All-Access gets first view, Premium gets second, Basic is only if it hasn’t sold out). Do not tag an event as Drip if all members in a geography should have access.
  • Please note, all three of these tags are required to limit user access.

Tickets:  If additional ticketing options are required, please email info@thesmittenproject.com 



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