Pop-Up and Concierge Date Planning

Pop-Up Dates: The Ultimate Surprise Adventure

Get ready for a date like no other, where you choose your budget, the style, and we craft the magic. Select your preferred date ambiance—be it a romantic dinner, an outdoor escapade, or something in between—and then surrender to the mystery. Our expert team, backed by an extensive partner network, will curate a surprise date experience that fits your budget and leaves you breathless with anticipation. Revel in the thrill of not knowing the details until the big reveal, when you receive clues guiding you to an unforgettable destination. Capture memories, embrace the enchantment, and let Forever Smitten script a new chapter in your love story—one you’ll cherish forever.

Concierge Date Planning

Are you planning a special occasion date, or just looking for something special to do?  We can help! Our concierge date planning services do the heavy lifting for you – planning your date, making your reservation, and overall creating an experience you won’t forget.  From simple nights out to elegant experiences, we can handle it all!


  • Concierge Date Planning – Forever Smitten Charges a 20% Date Planning Fee, 15% for Forever Smitten members with a minimum fee of $75. 
  • Pop-Up Date Planning – Forever Smitten Charges a 15% Date Planning Fee, 10% for Forever Smitten members with a minimum fee of $25.

 An invoice will be emailed to you and must be paid in full prior to the date being finalized.

Schedule Date Planning Services

Date Planning Services are currently available in Omaha and Lincoln – and will be launching in Des Moines in early 2024.  These services require a $100 deposit which will be credited on your final invoice. For more information when they will be available in other areas, please email info@thesmittenproject.com.

Date Planning Form
Contact Name
Contact Name
What type of Date would you like planned?
Pop-Up Dates are 100% a surprise while concierge dates are partially or fully planned at date locations selected by the participant.
Is this a gift?
The fees for Pop-Up Dates Forever Smitten Charges a 15% (10% for Forever Smitten Members) planning fee and for Concierge Planned Dates are 20% (15% for Forever Smitten Members). The minimum fee for Pop-Up Dates is $25 and $75 for Concierge Planned Dates.
Does your date require an overnight stay? Please note, lodging reservations are only available for dates with a total budget over $500.
When will this date occur? Please note, a minimum of 7 days is required for all dates, and 14 days are required for dates with a budget of more than $500.
Is the day of the date flexible?
I understand that while Forever Smitten will do everything in their power to ensure my date locations are where I have specified, in some instances the locations may not be available and they will work with me on making alternate plans.
I understand that Forever Smitten does not have a liquor license and is unable to pre-purchase alcohol for dates. Alcohol may be purchased through a gift card at venues holding a liquor license.
I understand that final reservations will not be made until payment in full is received by Forever Smitten.
I agree to accept text messages about this date from Forever Smitten.