Special Occasion Reminders

Get a heads up on birthdays, your upcoming anniversary, or other special occasions.  We will send you a text or mobile notification three days before these special events.  Just a subtle reminder to remember the important dates in life.  Please allow 1 week after subscription to implement these services.

Special Events

Beginning in May, 2023 Forever Smitten will host curated date nights for Forever Smitten members.  These events will range from supporting a charity to a unique experience offered only by The Smitten Project. These present opportunities for couples in monogamous, committed relationships to meet other couples while exploring and supporting the community.

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Customized Date Suggestions

Each month we will mail you a collection of 7 to 10 locations we think you will love for a fun night out.  We will include location background information and tips to have the best experience while you’re there.  The best part?? After you experience each date you and your partner can log into our system to rate the date – separately. We’ll compare your answers and utilize your preferences to recommend locations for the next mailing.  It’s a great way to get to know your partner and your community at the same time!

Date suggestion mailings will occur the month after payment is received.

Support Charitable Causes

Through our Smitten Cares program, 5% of Membership Revenue is donated to charitable causes locally. For the second quarter of 2023, we have selected the Leukemia Lymphoma Society as the beneficiary of these funds. Sue and Shannon met while participating in their Team in Training program, so it is a cause close to our hearts.

Additionally, we will be promoting and curating events that have a charitable element from a variety of causes. 

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